Reptile is a suitable pet for you or your child?

Chameleon, bearded dragon, snakes, cheetah gecko, lizards, the list goes on. All of these are available at your local pet store, ready to take home. But the question is are you ready? Sounds easy enough, right? You buy a cage, some decorations and food, and that’s it, right? incorrect!


When buying these animals they are children. They will need enough space to grow to the maximum size. So depending on which reptile you want to purchase, some research may be needed to determine their actual adult size. Lighting, this is very important. You will need UVA and UVB lighting first.


Without proper lighting, your new pet will not grow properly and may end up with metabolic bone disease. This occurs when the reptile does not get enough vitamin D to help absorb calcium. Its bones do not grow properly, so the animal cannot move and it can lead to death if not treated by a veterinarian.


A heat lamp is also required. Reptiles cannot produce their own heat. Without a source of heat, they are unable to digest their food, which leads to digestive issues or blockages that can also lead to death if left untreated.


It is also recommended that you use a thermometer so that you can regulate the temperature in your pet’s environment. A substrate suitable for the type of pet you choose. There are desert and tropical reptiles, some of them need moisture, and others do not. Aviary Decorations – Do Reptiles Digger or Do You Like Climb? Don’t overcrowd the cage, they still need space to move around. Aside from that, you only need to purchase a nutrition plate, water, foods and vitamins that are suitable.


As for snake food: you can feed the snakes with eggs, mice and rats (dead mice and rats). Digital reptile thermometerstores sell frozen mice in their stores to make it easier to feed them. Once a week, feeding should be sufficient to keep your snake happy and healthy.


Finally! I just want to cross, take your time to decide which reptile would be a good fit for your home. Do the research necessary so that you can feel comfortable knowing you are giving this animal its best home.